The Band


Von Links: Julian Braun (Schlagzeuger); Bastian Thöne (Bassist); Maximilian Arlt (Gesang und Gitarre); Florian Hillebold (Gitarre)

The journey of the band No Escape started in late 2010, when Florian Hillebold, the current lead guitarist, and Lukas Thiel, the former drummer, decided to jam around in a 12m² cellar in Gudensberg. Lacking a proper singer, which is, as you might have figured, an important part of a band, it didn’t take long until they came into contact with Maximilian Arlt, who then became singer and rhythm guitarist of the band. As the trio above, they played a couple of private, but also a few public gigs at local festivities, until they realized that cranking up the bass of the guitar amps wouldn’t suffice any longer and they decided to search for a proper bass player. Having casted thousands of musicians, we finally found the one person that would make the band complete. Bastian Thöne joined and from that moment onwards, they moved from replicating other musicians’ music to making their own. Further and further they buried their Coverband past and wrote their own songs, which they recorded in 2015 and which you can listen to on their first album Solar Eclipse. A big hit the band had to take was our drummer leaving for vocational training in Munich. Finding a worthy replacement wasn’t easy but with the addition of Julian Braun, the band couldn’t have done a better job of finding a new drummer. From then on, the songs became a little heavier, which leaves them in an unknown space between metal, punk, and rock. To better show you what this unknown space sounds like, the band is planning to record a new album soon. Until then you will have to remain teased by their demo recordings on our website. Stay tuned!